Upgrade your projects with our high-quality laser modules and pointers. Perfect for presentations, industrial applications, and DIY projects. Available in various colors, power outputs, and sizes.
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The 3 most popular Lasers

What are laser (pointers) used for?

Laser pointers are small, handheld devices that emit a highly concentrated beam of light. They are primarily used in presentations, where they can be used to point out specific elements on a slide or display.

In addition, laser pointers can be used for industrial, military and scientific applications such as alignment, leveling, and targeting in equipment or robotics. Some also use them for entertainment purposes such as laser shows or with their feline friends.

They can even be used to communicate with people over long distances or in noisy environments!

Are lasers safe?

It is important to note that laser pointers can be dangerous if not used responsibly. They should never be pointed at people, animals, or aircraft, as they can cause eye damage or blindness. It is also important to use laser pointers with a low power output, as high-powered lasers can cause more damage.

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