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LED lamps with fitting in all colors and RGB. In principle, LED lighting can be used anywhere. LED lamps provide an additional degree of flexibility with regard to the color of the desired light.
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What is an LED bulb?

LED stands for light emitting diode. LED lamps work on a different principle than incandescent or other lamps. LEDs are small electronic components of 2 – 5 mm in size that, when bundled, convert electricity into light. Initially, LED lamps were less popular because they gave cold white light. Nowadays, LED lamps are available in any desired color.

How much energy does an LED bulb save?

That depends on what you want to compare an LED lamp to. You save 90% compared to a savings or light bulb. If you want to replace a halogen lamp with an LED lamp, the saving is 85%. In addition, LED lamps last much longer. The average LED lamp has between 15,000 and 50,000 burning hours. The maximum -estimated- lifespan of an LED lamp is therefore no less than 25 years.

Can I dim an LED lamp?

Yes, you can dim an LED lamp, but please note that not all LED lamps are dimmable. If they are dimmable, this is indicated on the product page. To dim LED lamps you do need a special dimmer such as this one required. Alternatively, you can also use a smart led bulb buy which is dimmable with your phone or remote control.

What are smart LED bulbs?

You can operate smart lamps or smart lamps wirelessly with a remote control, smartphone or tablet via RF or WiFi. They have some smart features. For example, you can set the color or brightness, opt for dimmed light or light for reading. You can also set a smart LED light to turn on or off at certain times, or to turn on when the doorbell rings.

Which LED bulb do I need?

Because LED lamps use very little power, it is often difficult for our customers to estimate which one they need. After all, everyone knows how much light they can expect from a 40 Watt light bulb. An LED lamp with the same light output uses only 6 Watt. That is why the light output is often indicated in Lumen.

But, how many lumens is how many watts? In this table we give you some examples:

Type lamp200-300 Lumen300-500 Lumen500-700 Lumen700-1000 Lumen1000-1250 Lumen1250-2000 Lumen
Light bulb25-30 Watt40 Watt60 Watt75 Watt120 Watt150-250 Watt
Halogen lamp18-25 Watt35 Watt50 Watt65 Watt100 Watt125 Watt
Energy saving lamp5-6 Watt8 Watt11 Watt15 Watt20 Watt20-33 Watt
LED-lamp2-4 Watt3-5 Watt5-7 Watt8-10 Watt10-13 Watt13-20 Watt

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