PWM to Analog (0-10V) Converter Module

PWM to Analog (0-10V) Converter Module
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The PWM to analog voltage module LC-LM358-PWM2V converts digital PWM signals into a 0 to 10V analog signal. The module can be used as signal interface switching for PLC or other industrial control boards. The output voltage is regulated by adjusting the duty ratio of the PWM. The module is small in size and easy to use in different places.

1. MCU embedded technology
2. Easy to operate, fine tuned by potentiometer
3. Select the PWM signal input level range through a jumper

1. Work Voltage:DC 12V-30V; (> 100MA)
2. PWM Receiver Frequency:1KHZ-3KHZ
3. Conversion range:0%-100% PWM to 0-10V
4. Allowable error:5%
5. PWM signal input level range:
  • For microcontroller control (5V) put jumper on ‘5V’.
  • For PLC control (12V to 24V) put jumper on ‘24V’.

Hardware Interface

PWMPositive of PWM input signal
GNDNegative of input signal
VOUTOutput Voltage 0-10V
GNDOutput Voltage Ground

Operation instructions
1. After power on, without input signal, the output is 0V.
2. The first time when the power is on, it is best to do a calibration debugging: Input a 50% duty cycle signal to PWM and adjust the jumper to the input.
3. The frequency is 1KHZ-3KHZ, Measure VOUT and GND with a multimeter and it will display 5V. Adjust potentiometer to make sure the output displays 5.00V on the multimeter.
4. The output voltage can be adjusted by adjusting the duty cycle of the PWM signal.


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