Ethernet Shield W5100

Ethernet Shield W5100
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This Ethernet Shield ensures that the Arduino can be connected to the internet or its own network. This board has a Wiznet W5100 ethernet chip as controller chip. The Wiznet W5100 makes a network accessible with both the TCP and UDP protocol. This chip supports up to 4 sockets that can be kept open at the same time. This sign is connected in no time using the standard Arduino ethernet library. This module also has a built-in SD card reader, with which the retrieved data can easily be stored. The shield can be connected to both an Arduino UNO and an Arduino Mega.

The module has the following indication LEDs
  • PWR: Power on
  • LINK: Successful network connection
  • FULLD: Full duplex connection
  • 100M: on when a 100 Mb / s network has been detected
  • RX: Data received
  • TX: Sending data
  • COLL: Network collision detected


Spanning5 V


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3 stars
Is cheap chinese copy, therefore you can get DHCP problems, but you can solve it by soldering a 100 ohm resistor on the ethernet connection between pin 1 and 2 and pin 3 and 6. So keep this in mind. They used the wrong resistor when creating the printboard.
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The Netherlands
5 stars
Functions perfectly
Placed on 
The Netherlands
5 stars
Works great
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The Netherlands
1 stars
Gives all kinds of problems. The soldering does not seem to be well done. If I press the shield properly on the Arduino, I cannot upload sketches. If I release it a little, I can upload sketches, but the LINK does not work
Placed on 
This is a common problem with the Arduino. Due to the high USB port, the shield can short-circuit this port (to which GND is connected). This can be solved by sticking some tape or other non-conductive material on the USB.
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The Netherlands
5 stars
Works great with Arduino Uno
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