BH1750FVI digital light sensor module (GY-302)

BH1750FVI digital light sensor module (GY-302)
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The BH1750FVI is a calibrated digital light sensor that measures the intensity of the ambient light and stores it as a 16-bit number. This sensor can measure the light intensity between 0 and 65535 Lux (L) and can be accessed via the I2C interface. The 7-bit I2C address is 0 × 23 if ADDR pin is connected to GND, and 0x5C if ADDR is connected to VCC.

Chip: BH1750FVI
Voltage: 3V-5V
Light range: 0-65535 lx

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The Netherlands
5 stars
Excellent sensor, works well with an ESP8266.
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The Netherlands
5 stars
The Netherlands
5 stars
Hello, Excellent sensor to measure the brightness in Lux. Can also be converted to Watt / m2 with a simple formula. More information and source code at: <a href="" rel="nofollow" class="blue"></a> Kind regards, SWT
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