20KG weighing sensor

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20KG weighing sensor
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This sensor of approximately 8 centimeters makes it possible to measure weight or pressure in combination with the HX711 weighing sensor module. By placing a surface on it, a scale can be created, which can weigh an object up to 20 kg. This sensor works by bending with the pressure that is placed on it, which changes the resistance in this sensor.

Red: 5V
Black: Ground
Green: Signal +
White: Signal -
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Max. spanning 10V
Spanning 5 V
Max weight 20 kg
Output 1V ± 0.15mV / V
Nonlinear 0,05% FS
Hysteresis 0,03% FS
Repeatability 0,03% FS
Creep 0,10% FS
Temperature influence 0.01% FS / ° C
Input impedance 1115 ± 10% Ω
Output impedance 1000 ± 10% Ω


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Q The Netherlands Leo vleugelsI want to use the sensors to read the weight of hives; what is suitable for this; I want to use it per cupboard and with a digital readout. Answer this question


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