USB Mini-B Cable - 6"

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USB Mini-B Cable - 6"


The Sparkfun USB Mini-B Cable is a 2.0 type B to Mini-B 5-pin black cable, with a length of 150mm. It's the perfect solution for those who are tired of dealing with excessively long cables. This compact cable is designed to work efficiently with USB peripherals in projects within small enclosures. It's compatible with any device that utilizes a Mini-B connector type, including Sparkfun RedBoards, FTDI Basics, ProtoSnap, and many more.

The Sparkfun USB Mini-B Cable is not only functional but also versatile. It's perfect for USB Hubs, Cameras, MP3 players, and other peripherals. Its compact size makes it convenient for those who don't require a long cable for their projects. It's a must-have accessory for any tech enthusiast or professional who values efficiency and convenience.

The Sparkfun USB Mini-B Cable offers a unique blend of convenience and functionality. Its 150mm length is perfect for close-range connections, reducing the clutter and inconvenience of longer cables. This cable is a testament to Sparkfun's commitment to providing practical, user-friendly solutions for tech enthusiasts.

The Sparkfun USB Mini-B Cable is not just a cable, it's a solution to your connectivity needs. Its compatibility with devices that use a Mini-B connector type makes it a versatile accessory. Whether you're working on a tech project or just need a reliable cable for your devices, the Sparkfun USB Mini-B Cable is a reliable choice.

For those who are new to the world of USB cables, Sparkfun offers a comprehensive USB Buying Guide. It's a great resource for understanding the different types of USB cables and their uses. With the Sparkfun USB Mini-B Cable, you're not just buying a product, you're investing in a solution that offers convenience and efficiency.

The Sparkfun USB Mini-B Cable is not just about its features, it's about the benefits it brings to your tech projects. With its compact size, compatibility with various devices, and user-friendly design, it's more than just a cable. It's a tool that brings convenience and efficiency to your tech activities.

The Sparkfun USB Mini-B Cable is a testament to Sparkfun's commitment to quality and user-friendly design. It's a practical solution for anyone who values efficiency and convenience in their tech projects. With the Sparkfun USB Mini-B Cable, you're investing in a product that offers reliability, versatility, and convenience.


Brand information
Brand Sparkfun
Size info
Length20 mm
Width85 mm
Height10 mm
Weight30 g
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