SparkFun MicroMod Environmental Function Board

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SparkFun MicroMod Environmental Function Board

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The SparkFun MicroMod Environmental Function Board is a versatile tool designed to enhance the sensing capabilities of MicroMod Processor Boards. This board comes equipped with three sensors, each with a specific function: the SGP40 for air quality monitoring, the SHTC3 for humidity and temperature detection, and the STC31 for measuring CO2 concentrations. All communications are conducted via the MicroMod's I2C bus, making it simple and straightforward to use.

The SGP40 sensor is specifically designed to measure the quality of air within an indoor environment. It utilizes a metal oxide sensor with a temperature-controlled micro hotplate, providing a humidity-compensated volatile organic compound signal. This sensor is renowned for its robustness against contaminating gases, offering unmatched long-term stability, low drift, and minimal device variation.

The SHTC3 sensor is a highly accurate digital tool for measuring humidity and temperature. It boasts a capacitive humidity sensor with a relative humidity measurement range of 0 to 100% RH and a bandgap temperature sensor with a measurement range of -40°C to 125°C. The SHTC3 offers higher accuracy than its predecessor, the SHTC1, providing greater flexibility and precision in measurements.

The STC31 sensor measures CO2 concentrations based on thermal conductivity. It has two measurement ranges: 0 to 25 vol% and 0 to 100 vol%. The STC31 can provide humidity-compensated measurements with improved temperature compensation, thanks to data from the SHTC3. It also compensates for atmospheric pressure, making it an ideal choice for a variety of environments.

All three sensors are powered by Sensirion’s patented CMOSens® technology. This combines the sensor element, signal processing, and digital calibration on a small CMOS chip, making it perfect for high-quality mass production and cost-sensitive OEM applications.

The MicroMod Environmental Function Board can be easily connected to your system using the M.2 MicroMod connector, without the need for soldering. The board features an AP2112 3.3V voltage regulator, I2C pull-up resistors, a power LED, and a jumper to disable the LED. It also offers jumpers for alternative STC31 addresses.

Note: This board does not include a MicroMod Processor and Main Board. These will need to be purchased separately.

The MicroMod interface ecosystem allows for easy swapping of processors and function boards on the fly. This means you can pair a specialized carrier board for your specific project with your choice of compatible processor.


  • Input voltage range: 2.5V to 6.0V
  • I/O voltage: 3.3V
  • AP2112 3.3V voltage regulator (rated 600mA)
  • Power LED
  • I2C pull-up resistors
  • Sensirion SGP40 Air Quality Sensor, SHTC3 Humidity and Temperature Sensor, and STC31 CO2 Sensor
  • Jumpers for PWR LED, I2C pull-up resistors, and STC31 address selection

Note: The I2C addresses reserved for each sensor are 0x59 (SGP40), 0x70 (SHTC3), and 0x29 (STC31). A multiplexer/Mux is required to communicate with multiple SHTC3 sensors on a single bus. The SHTC3 uses the same address as the Qwiic Mux (0x70). Advanced users using multiple SHTC3's with the Qwiic Mux will need to adjust the Qwiic Mux's default address.


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More infoMicroMod Environmental Function Board Hookup Guide - SparkFun Learn
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