Rotary Potentiometer - Linear (10k ohm)

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Rotary Potentiometer - Linear (10k ohm)

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The Sparkfun Rotary Potentiometer - Linear (10k ohm) is an adjustable, user-friendly interface that changes resistance with a simple turn of the pot. This potentiometer allows users to connect VCC to an outer pin, GND to the remaining outer pin, and utilize the center pin for a variable voltage range from 0 to VCC, depending on the rotation of the pot. This interface can be connected to an ADC on a microcontroller to provide a variable input from the user.

The Sparkfun Rotary Potentiometer is a center-tap linear type potentiometer. The resistance displayed by the outer two pins consistently remains at 10K, while the center pin's resistance to one of the outer pins can vary from 10K Ohm to approximately 50 Ohm. As a linear potentiometer, the resistance will vary linearly with its position, making it an excellent choice for general user interfaces.

Perfect for use in a breadboard, this potentiometer may require trimming off the large metal anchors for compatibility with certain breadboards. This minor adjustment allows for a seamless fit and optimal functionality.

Key features of the Sparkfun Rotary Potentiometer include its model number: R0902N-DD1-B10K-GP.

For further information, the datasheet for the Sparkfun Rotary Potentiometer - Linear (10k ohm) is available for reference and provides comprehensive details about the product.


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Brand Sparkfun
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Length10 mm
Width14 mm
Height34 mm
Weight4,3 g
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