RoboClaw 2x160A, 60VDC Motor Controller

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RoboClaw 2x160A, 60VDC Motor Controller


The RoboClaw motor controllers from Basicmicro, previously known as Ion Motion Control, are designed to manage a pair of brushed DC motors. These controllers can operate using USB serial, TTL serial, RC, or analog inputs. They feature built-in dual quadrature decoders, simplifying the process of creating a closed-loop speed control system. This specific model is capable of providing a consistent 120 A per channel, with a peak of 160 A, and can function up to 60 V.

The RoboClaw controllers are perfect for those who need to control two brushed DC motors simultaneously. With the ability to handle USB serial, TTL serial, RC, or analog inputs, these controllers provide a versatile solution for various motor control needs. The integrated dual quadrature decoders make it easier than ever to set up a closed-loop speed control system, eliminating the need for complex programming or additional components.

The unique feature of the RoboClaw motor controllers is their power capacity. This model can continuously deliver 120 A per channel, peaking at 160 A, and can operate up to 60 V. This means it can handle heavy-duty motors and high-power applications, making it an ideal choice for industrial automation, robotics, and other power-demanding projects.

By using the RoboClaw motor controllers, you can benefit from the ease of use, versatility, and high power capacity. Whether you're building a robot, automating a process, or designing a custom application, the RoboClaw motor controllers offer a reliable and efficient solution for controlling your brushed DC motors.


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