Premium Jumper Wire 10-Pack M-M 12" Yellow

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Premium Jumper Wire 10-Pack M-M 12" Yellow


Pololu brings you premium jumper wires, designed for seamless connections in your electronic projects. These 26 AWG wires are stranded and come with male connectors on both ends, making them compatible with 2.54mm female headers, connectors, and solderless breadboards. Each wire is 30cm long, coated with yellow insulation, and they are sold in packs of 10.

These Pololu jumper wires are perfect for a variety of applications. Whether you're prototyping a new gadget, repairing an electronic device, or setting up a circuit board, these wires offer reliable connections. The male connectors on both ends make them versatile and easy to use in different setups. Plus, the yellow insulation not only protects the wire but also helps in color-coding your connections for easy identification and troubleshooting.

The unique properties of these wires make them a must-have for any electronics enthusiast or professional. The stranded 26 AWG wire ensures excellent flexibility and durability, while the 30cm length is ideal for most projects, providing enough reach without excess slack. These wires are sold in packs of 10, providing you with ample quantity for multiple uses or replacements.

Experience the benefits of using Pololu's premium jumper wires in your projects. The combination of quality, versatility, and convenience these wires offer can significantly enhance your productivity and the success of your projects. So why wait? Make these premium jumper wires a staple in your electronics toolkit today!


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