Pololu Multi-Hub Wheel w/Inserts for 3mm and 4mm Shafts - 80×10mm, White, 2-Pack

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Pololu Multi-Hub Wheel w/Inserts for 3mm and 4mm Shafts - 80×10mm, White, 2-Pack


Pololu's Multi-Hub Wheels with Inserts for 3mm and 4mm Shafts are a perfect blend of versatility and durability. These white plastic wheels, measuring 80mm in diameter, come with silicone tires, providing excellent traction. The unique feature of these wheels is their set of interchangeable collets that can be inserted into the wheel to securely fit four different shaft types: 3mm D, 3mm round, 4mm D, and 4mm round. Unlike standard press-fit wheels, the grip on the shaft gets progressively tighter as the collets are compressed into the wheel disc, significantly reducing the chances of shaft slippage. This product comes as a pair of wheels.

These wheels are designed to be versatile, making them ideal for various applications. They can be used in robotics, DIY projects, or even in educational settings where students can learn about different shaft types and their applications. The ability to switch between different shaft types makes these wheels a valuable asset in any toolkit.

The unique properties of the Pololu Multi-Hub Wheels set them apart from standard wheels. The interchangeable collets offer a firm grip on various shaft types, reducing the chances of slippage. This ensures a more stable and reliable performance, which is crucial in applications such as robotics. The silicone tires on these wheels provide excellent traction, making them suitable for use on various surfaces. The wheels are made from durable white plastic, ensuring longevity and reliable performance.

The Pololu Multi-Hub Wheels offer numerous benefits to their users. Their versatility allows for use in a wide range of applications, while their unique design ensures a firm and secure grip on different shaft types. The wheels' durability and excellent traction make them a reliable choice for any project.


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