OBD-II Connector

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OBD-II Connector


The Sparkfun OBD-II Connector is a valuable tool for vehicle diagnostics, compatible with a wide range of cars. This connector provides access to a wealth of data from the engine control unit (ECU), making it an essential resource for troubleshooting vehicle issues. The OBD-II Connector is typically located below the dashboard on the driver's side. This product offers an exciting opportunity for those interested in creating their own diagnostic reader.

The Sparkfun OBD-II Connector is not just a tool, but a gateway to a world of information about your vehicle's performance. From fuel consumption to engine temperature, you can access a wide spectrum of data to understand your vehicle better. This wealth of information can help you identify potential issues before they become serious problems, saving you time, money, and stress.

But the benefits of the Sparkfun OBD-II Connector don't stop at diagnostics. For those with a passion for cars, this connector opens up a new world of possibilities. You can delve deeper into your vehicle's performance, customize its settings, or even use the data to optimize your driving habits. Whether you're a car enthusiast or a professional mechanic, the Sparkfun OBD-II Connector offers a unique opportunity to interact with your vehicle in a whole new way.

With its compact size of 2.54mm, the Sparkfun OBD-II Connector is easy to install and use. Its high-quality construction ensures reliable performance and durability. Whether you're troubleshooting a problem or exploring your vehicle's capabilities, the Sparkfun OBD-II Connector is a valuable tool that brings a wealth of information to your fingertips.


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Brand Sparkfun
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Length20 mm
Width40 mm
Height20 mm
Weight25,6 g
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