LED - Super Bright Blue

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LED - Super Bright Blue

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The Sparkfun Super Bright Blue LED is a high-intensity light emitting diode that is so bright it's challenging to look directly at it. These LEDs have clear lenses and a standard size of T1 3/4 5mm. With a brightness of 4,000mcd, a forward drop of 3.4V, and a maximum current of 20mA, these LEDs are designed to deliver exceptional performance.

These LEDs are perfect for any project that requires a bright and intense light source. Whether you're creating a custom light display, designing a high-visibility sign, or building a DIY electronics project, these LEDs are up to the task. The intensity of the light produced by these LEDs is evident in the product photos.

The Sparkfun Super Bright Blue LED offers several benefits. It has a high brightness level of 4,000mcd, meaning it can emit a significant amount of light, making it ideal for applications where visibility is crucial. The LED also operates at a forward drop of 3.4V, ensuring efficient energy usage. With a maximum current of 20mA, it can operate at a high level without overheating or causing damage.

Unique properties of the Sparkfun Super Bright Blue LED include its clear lenses, which allow the intense light to shine through without any color distortion. Also, its standard size of T1 3/4 5mm makes it easy to incorporate into various projects.

For additional information about the Sparkfun Super Bright Blue LED, refer to the datasheet and LED tutorial provided by Sparkfun. These resources offer detailed specifications and helpful instructions to guide you in using these high-performance LEDs.


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Brand Sparkfun
More infoLight-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) - SparkFun Learn
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Length5 mm
Width37 mm
Height5 mm
Weight0,7 g
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