JST to Breadboard Jumper (3-pin)

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JST to Breadboard Jumper (3-pin)

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The Sparkfun JST to Breadboard Jumper (3-pin) is a versatile and user-friendly adapter cable. It comes pre-terminated with a female JST connector at one end and a breadboard hookup pigtail at the other, providing an effortless connection between components with a JST connector and a breadboard or Arduino-based device's pins.

The jumper cable has a wire length of 140mm, offering ample reach for most applications. The wires of the adapter are color-coded in Red, Black, and Yellow, simplifying the identification process. The female JST connector has a basic pitch of 2mm, while the male hookup pins are designed to easily insert into a standard 2.54mm connector. This makes the jumper cable highly compatible and easy to use across various devices.

One of the main advantages of the Sparkfun JST to Breadboard Jumper (3-pin) is its flexibility. Whether you're working on a complex electronics project or a simple DIY task, this jumper cable is an invaluable tool. It not only simplifies the connection process but also eliminates the need for additional wiring or soldering, saving you time and effort.

Another unique property of this product is its robust design. Despite its simplicity, the jumper cable is sturdy and durable, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting connection. So, whether you're a seasoned electronics enthusiast or a beginner, you'll find the Sparkfun JST to Breadboard Jumper (3-pin) a handy and reliable addition to your toolkit.

Please refer to the datasheet for more detailed information about the product.


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Brand Sparkfun
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Length10 mm
Width154 mm
Height10 mm
Weight4 g
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