Jrk 21v3 USB Motor Controller with Feedback

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Jrk 21v3 USB Motor Controller with Feedback


The Jrk 21v3 is a versatile USB motor controller designed to manage brushed DC motors. It features four distinct interface modes, namely USB, logic-level serial, analog voltage, and hobby radio control (RC). The controller is designed to operate in both closed-loop and open-loop configurations, offering flexibility in terms of speed and position control. With a recommended operating range of 8V to 28V, it can deliver a continuous output current of approximately 3A. It also offers derated performance down to 5V and transient protection up to 40V. This version of the Jrk 21v3 comes with connectors that are included but not soldered, enabling custom installations.

One of the standout features of the Jrk 21v3 motor controller is its adaptability. It can be used in a variety of applications, from robotics to industrial automation. Whether you're building a high-speed RC car or a precision positioning system, this motor controller can deliver the performance you need. Its ability to operate in both open-loop and closed-loop configurations gives you the flexibility to choose the control method that best suits your application.

The Jrk 21v3 motor controller also offers several benefits. Its wide operating voltage range ensures that it can be used with a variety of power sources. The included but unsoldered connectors allow for custom installations, providing the freedom to design your system exactly as you want. The controller's transient protection feature also helps to safeguard your motor and other components from voltage spikes, enhancing the overall durability and reliability of your system.

Unique properties of the Jrk 21v3 motor controller include its interface versatility. With the ability to support USB, logic-level serial, analog voltage, and hobby RC, this controller can integrate seamlessly into a wide range of systems. Furthermore, with its closed-loop and open-loop control capabilities, it offers a level of configurability that sets it apart from many other motor controllers on the market.


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