Force Sensitive Resistor - Long

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Force Sensitive Resistor - Long

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The Sparkfun Force Sensitive Resistor - Long is a remarkable sensor that is over 60cm in length with a sensing area of 0.635x60.96cm. This product from Interlink Electronics is designed to alter its resistance in response to the amount of pressure applied to the sensing area. The resistance decreases as the force increases, and when no pressure is applied, the resistance exceeds 1MΩ. This versatile FSR can detect applied force in the range of 100g-10kg.

The sensor comes with two pins extending from the bottom, with a pitch of 2.54mm, making it compatible with breadboards. For convenient mounting, a peel-and-stick rubber backing is provided on the opposite side of the sensing area.

While these sensors are easy to set up and excellent for detecting pressure, they may not provide extreme accuracy. They are perfect for determining if pressure is being applied, but may not be the best choice for applications requiring precise measurements, such as scales.

The Force Sensitive Resistor - Long offers a sensing area of 0.508x60.96cm, providing ample space for detecting pressure changes.

For more information on how to use and integrate this sensor, refer to the datasheet (408 FSR), the Hookup Guide, and the FSR Integration Guide provided by Sparkfun.


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Brand Sparkfun
More infoForce Sensitive Resistor Hookup Guide - SparkFun Learn
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Length30 mm
Width180 mm
Height15 mm
Weight11,2 g
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