DIP Sockets Solder Tail - 16-Pin 0.3"

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DIP Sockets Solder Tail - 16-Pin 0.3"


Sparkfun presents the DIP Sockets Solder Tail - 16-Pin 0.3", a vital component for all prototyping projects. These DIP sockets are a lifesaver for anyone who has ever had to de-solder a DIP part from a circuit board. The range includes sockets with various pin numbers: 8, 14, 16, 18, 28, and 40.

The 16-pin socket is 300mil wide, which translates to approximately 7.62mm. This makes it compact and ideal for any project, regardless of size constraints. The sockets are designed for easy soldering, ensuring a secure and reliable connection every time.

One of the standout benefits of these DIP sockets is the ease of component replacement. In the event of a component failure, you can simply remove the faulty DIP from the socket and replace it with a new one, without the need for de-soldering. This not only saves time and effort but also reduces the risk of damage to the circuit board.

Moreover, the use of these sockets also extends the lifespan of your electronic components. By eliminating the need for direct soldering, the components are subjected to less heat stress, which can significantly increase their operational life.

In conclusion, Sparkfun's DIP Sockets Solder Tail - 16-Pin 0.3" is a must-have for any electronics enthusiast or professional. It simplifies component replacement, increases component lifespan, and ensures a secure connection, making it an invaluable addition to your prototyping toolkit.


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Brand Sparkfun
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Length10 mm
Width20 mm
Height10 mm
Weight5,2 g
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