Apollo MSR-1 mmWave Multisensor For Home Assistant

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Apollo MSR-1 mmWave Multisensor For Home Assistant


The Apollo Multisensor Mk1 for ESPHome (MSR-1) is a cutting-edge device designed for the modern smart home enthusiast. This compact sensor, measuring just 40.5mm x 32mm x 13.2mm, is a marvel of engineering, offering a suite of features for comprehensive home monitoring and automation.

Key features include:

  • Bluetooth Tracker (ESP32-C3-Mini): Track Bluetooth-enabled devices within your home, from finding misplaced phones to monitoring room occupancy.
  • mmWave Radar Sensor (HLK-ld2410b): Detects subtle movements, perfect for automatic room occupancy-based lighting and fan control.
  • LUX and UV Sensor (LTR-390UV): Provides accurate light and UV index readings, enhancing smart lighting decisions.
  • Temperature/Humidity/Pressure Sensor (BME280): Offers precise environmental data, ideal for controlling thermostats or fans.
  • RGB Pixel & Piezo Buzzer: Color-coded alerts and beep patterns for various home scenarios.
  • Exposed GPIO: Allows for further customization and additions to the sensor.

In the box, you receive the assembled Apollo MSR-1, documentation, open-source code, CAD models, and a sticker featuring Apollo, the dog symbolizing the sensor. Optional extras like a USB-C wall plug mount and a ball mount are available, along with continuous community support via Discord and access to remixes of code and CAD files.

Note: The ESP32-C3 in constant WiFi connection generates significant heat; you might need to adjust the offset based on your setup and the temperature/humidity won't be as good as a dedicated sensor with less heat build up.


Brand information
Brand Apollo Automation
More infoApollo MSR-1: MMwave & CO2 Multisensor for ESPHome & Home Assistant
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Length32 mm
Width40,5 mm
Height13,2 mm
Apollo Automation
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