AD/DA converter module PCF8591

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AD/DA converter module PCF8591

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The PCF8591 module is a monolithic integrated, low-power, 8-bit CMOS data acquisition module. The PCF8591 has four analog inputs, an analog output and a serial I2C bus interface.

This module is equipped with a phototransistor (light dependent transistor), NTC (temperature dependent resistor) and trimming potentiometer, which are connected to the PCF8591 via 3 jumpers.


  • single power supply
  • low power consumption in standby mode
  • serial input and output via I2C bus
  • max sampling rate is determined by the I2C bus speed
  • 4 analog inputs are programmable as unbalanced or differential inputs
  • automatic channel selection
  • analog voltage range from VSS to VDD
  • 8-bit successive approximate ADC
  • multiplier DAC (multiplying) with an analog output


Brand information
Brand Whadda
Output I2C
Position Temperature sensor
Position AD/DA Converter
Position Light sensor
output type Digital
Connection data
Voltage 2,5 V - 6 V
Connection 4pin male header I2C communication
Connection 5pin male header Analog input/output
sensor type PCF8591
Size info
Length3,8 mm
Width7,8 mm
Height15,5 mm
Weight24 g

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