AD9850 40MHz DDS signaal generator module

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AD9850 40MHz DDS signaal generator module
  • AD9850 40MHz DDS signaal generator module
  • AD9850 40MHz DDS signaal generator module
  • AD9850 40MHz DDS signaal generator module
  • Pinout AD9851 70MHz DDS signaal generator module
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This DDS (direct digital synthesis) module generates sine wave and square waves based on the 40-bit (5 byte) value that is written to the register. By means of a serial or parallel connection, this module can, as it were, be programmed to generate signals with the correct wavelength and amplitude. The module can simultaneously generate 2 sine wave (max 40 MHz) and 2 block waves (max 1 MHz). With an input voltage of 5V and a current of up to 270mA, this sign can be powered.

Symbol Position
CLK Word Load Clock. This clock signal is used to write bits to the register
RST Reset.
FQ Frequency Update. When this signal becomes high, the register is read out and the pointer is reset to 0 for writing data
DATA Connected to D7, serial input
D0 – D7 8-bit parallel data Input
QP Block wave output
QN Block wave output (inverted)
SINA Sine wave output
SINB Sine wave output (inverted)
VCC 5V input
GND Ground input


Current 0,27 A
Spanning 5 V
Output 2x sine wave and 2x block wave
Sine wave 0 ~ 40 MHz
Blok golf 0 ~ 1MHz

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