Sonoff Smart Switches Tested: Which One Is Best For You?

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The world is getting smarter every day, and so are our homes. With the rapid advancement in technology, smart switches have become more and more popular and offer a new level of convenience, comfort and energy efficiency. One of these brands that stands out in the field of smart home automation is Sonoff. In this article, we'll take an in-depth look at the various Sonoff smart home devices and compare them to help you choose the right device for your needs.

Make your home smart with Sonoff Make your home smart with Sonoff

The Different Sonoff switches

Sonoff is a renowned brand dedicated to developing innovative, affordable and reliable smart switches. Their product portfolio is broad and includes some of the most popular smart switches on the market.

Sonoff smart home Sonoff smart home

Sonoff Basic / Mini / Pro

The Sonoff Basic is the entry-level version of the smart switch and offers a simple and budget-friendly solution for remote control of lighting and appliances. It integrates easily with voice assistants such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa and is ideal for those new to the world of smart lighting.

The Sonoff Mini is a more compact version of the Basic, designed to fit into existing switch boxes. This makes it ideal for integration into existing lighting installations without the need for major modifications. The Mini is compatible with both Wi-Fi and mobile networks and offers the same basic functionality as the Basic, but with an improved and less obtrusive design.

The Sonoff Pro, on the other hand, is a more advanced smart switch that offers additional functionalities such as scenes and timers. This allows users to control their lights and appliances according to preset schedules and personalized scenarios. The Pro Series caters to users looking for more advanced automation capabilities and precise control over their smart devices.

Sonoff Wall Switches

The Sonoff Wall Switch is a built-in switch that fits seamlessly into a standard European switch box. It features touch controls and can be personalized with custom labels for the control buttons. This switch offers a more advanced design than the Basic and provides a modern look in your home.

Sonoff Sockets

The Sonoff Socket is a smart plug that can be connected directly to an existing socket. This allows you to control not only lighting, but also other electronic devices remotely. It is easy to install and works with both Wi-Fi and mobile networks, which sets it apart as a versatile and easy-to-use solution.

Sonoff Lighting

Sonoff Lamps are smart LED lamps that can be connected directly to the existing fittings. They offer adjustable brightness and color temperatures, allowing for personalized lighting scenarios. These lamps are ideal for saving energy and creating an atmosphere that suits your mood.

Sonoff LED strips are versatile, energy-efficient lighting options for the home and office. They are easy to cut to size and offer atmospheric lighting that you can control via a smartphone app or voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Siri. Adjust brightness, color temperature and color and set scenes and routines for different situations.

Sonoff Zigbee

Sonoff Zigbee products include switches, sensors and other devices that use the Zigbee communication protocol. This allows for better compatibility with other Zigbee-enabled smart devices and improved network stability. It allows users to create a more comprehensive and integrated smart home system with devices from different brands and manufacturers.

Sonoff NSPanel (Pro)

The Sonoff NSPanel is an advanced and stylish wall switch that comes with a built-in touchscreen. This makes it possible to control not only the lighting, but also other smart devices in your home. The Pro version offers additional functionalities, such as scenes and timers, allowing users to control their lights and appliances according to preset schedules. The NSPanel (Pro) is distinguished by its versatility and adaptability to the individual needs of the user.

Sonoff TH

The Sonoff TH series includes smart switches with integrated temperature and humidity sensors. These switches allow users to control appliances, such as heating or air conditioning, based on preset temperature and humidity values. This ensures a more comfortable and energy-efficient living environment. The Sonoff TH series is ideal for people who want to further expand their home automation and want precise control over their climate control.

Sonoff Camera

The Sonoff Camera is a smart security camera that integrates seamlessly with the Sonoff ecosystem. It offers REAL -time video streaming and motion detection, allowing users to monitor their home or office remotely. With the ability to receive notifications of unusual activity and two-way audio for communication, the Sonoff Camera stands out as a comprehensive and reliable security solution within the Sonoff product range.

Sonoff RF Bridge

The Sonoff PIR3, DW2 and BridgeR2 are smart security devices that use RF (radio frequency) technology to work together wirelessly to provide an integrated security solution. The PIR3 is a motion sensor that detects unwanted movement in a room, while the DW2 door and window sensors monitor the open or closed state of doors and windows. The BridgeR2 acts as a central hub that receives the signals from the PIR3 and DW2 and forwards them to a smartphone or other operating system. The RF technology allows the sensors to communicate effectively and wirelessly, making for easy installation of the security system.

Sonoff Switchman

The Sonoff Switchman is an innovative and versatile switch that allows control of various devices in your home or office. This switch is designed to give the user the ability to control multiple devices with a single switch, providing convenience and efficiency. The unique thing about the Sonoff Switchman is the ability to combine both physical switches and wireless controls, making it an ideal solution for people who want to keep their existing switches while taking advantage of the benefits of smart technology. The Switchman integrates with voice assistants and mobile apps, allowing users to access their devices and lights remotely, and also supports pairing with other Sonoff products for a seamless smart home experience.

Understand the Differences: RF, Wi-Fi and Zigbee in Smart Systems

In the world of smart devices and home automation, RF, Wi-Fi and Zigbee are three prominent wireless communication technologies that each offer their own unique features and applications. These technologies play a vital role in enabling wireless connectivity and interoperability between different smart devices in a home or office network.

RF (434MHz) or radio frequency, is a wireless communication method that can send signals over long distances without relying on an internet connection. RF communications are commonly used in remote controls, garage door openers, and other devices that send simple commands. The advantage of RF is that it offers a reliable and energy-efficient solution, but it lacks the distance and advanced features that Wi-Fi and Zigbee offer. Sonoff RF switches can be switched at a distance of up to 10 meters with the remote controls below.

Wi Fi is a widely used wireless technology that exchanges data over your own network and provides internet access. Wi-Fi is often used in smart devices such as thermostats, security cameras and smart lighting, due to its easy integration with existing networks and broad compatibility with other devices and services. Wi-Fi offers longer range and higher data transfer rates compared to RF, but can consume more power and be prone to network disruptions. When a device works over Wi-Fi, it can be controlled not only in your home, but anywhere in the world. Sonoff Wi-Fi devices can be connected through the eWeLink APP from Sonoff are controlled.

eWelink APP eWelink APP

Zigbeeis a wireless communication standard specially designed for home automation and the Internet of Things (IoT). Zigbee uses a mesh network structure, which means that devices within the network not only communicate with each other, but also pass signals to other devices. This provides greater range and better signal reliability. Zigbee is energy efficient, secure, and can support a wide range of devices, making it ideal for large-scale smart home ecosystems. However, Zigbee devices often require a dedicated hub to function, which can mean an additional investment. We recommend this dongle for Zigbee devices from Sonoff:

Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle Plus ZBDongle-EDiscover the Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle Plus ZBDongle-E, the ultimate smart home integration solution. Elevate your home automation experience with seamless compatibility, plug-and-play convenience, and long-range connectivity. In stock € 22,00

The eWeLink App

The eWeLink app is a user-friendly and versatile mobile application specially designed to make controlling and managing smart devices easier. It provides a central interface for pairing, controlling and automating a wide range of compatible smart devices, including those from the popular Sonoff brand.

With the eWeLink app you can control your smart Wi-Fi devices remotely via your smartphone or tablet, giving you access to your home automation system anytime, anywhere. You can turn devices on and off, set timers, create scenes and even group devices based on their location or function. The app also offers REAL -time monitoring of devices, so you are always aware of the current status and energy consumption of your smart devices.

One of the main advantages of the eWeLink app is its compatibility with voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Siri. This means you can control your smart devices with simple voice commands, making your home automation experience even more intuitive and hands-free.

The eWeLink app is not only user-friendly, but also offers a high degree of customization and extensibility. With support for IFTTT (If This, Then That) you can create advanced automation rules and connect your smart devices to a wide range of other services and applications.

You can download the eWeLink app on the following APP stores:

Situations where a Sonoff can come to the rescue

Transform your home into a smart and automated living space with Sonoff products. Below are ten examples of how you can use Sonoff appliances to solve everyday problems in your home and improve comfort and efficiency.

Automatically disable forgotten devices

Problem: Forgetting to switch off household appliances can lead to unnecessary energy consumption and possible safety risks, such as a fire hazard due to an overheated iron or stove.

Solution: Use the Sonoff POW to monitor energy consumption and set timers to automatically turn off appliances after a certain amount of time. By linking the device to your smartphone, you will receive a notification when the energy consumption of a connected device is abnormally high. This way you can intervene in time and prevent accidents. In addition, it contributes to energy savings and a lower energy bill.

SONOFF POW Origin Smart Power Meter Switch( POWR2 Upgrade Version)SONOFF POW Origin (the upgrade version of POW R2) is a power meter switch, a newly upgraded ESP32 chip 200% faster than the previous ESP8622 chip. In stock € 21,65

Control the garage door remotely

Problem: You forgot to close the garage door or want to open it for someone while you're away from home, potentially creating a security risk or leaving someone waiting.

Solution: Use the Sonoff SV to remotely control your garage door via your smartphone, allowing you to open or close it when needed. This not only offers convenience, but also peace of mind, because you always know that your garage door is securely closed. In addition, you can also operate other applications with the Sonoff SV, such as fences, barriers or even the door of an animal enclosure.

Sonoff SV - Safe Voltage WiFi Draadloze SwitchSonoff is an affordable solution for home automation (home automation). This switch is based on the well-known ESP8266 and works over a WiFi connection with which devices can be switched on and off via the cloud. In stock € 7,60

Smart lighting for a cozy atmosphere

Problem: Switching lights on and off manually can be time consuming, in addition most lights are limited to only on / off with white light.

Solution: Use the Sonoff LED strips or the Sonoff lamps to control your lighting remotely via your smartphone. This makes it easy to create the right atmosphere and save energy by only turning on the lighting when necessary. The Sonoff LED strips are flexible and can be easily applied to any surface, while the Sonoff lamps come in a variety of colors and shapes to suit your individual needs. With these smart lighting solutions you can always create the perfect ambiance in every room of your home.

SONOFF L3 RGB Smart LED Strip Lights-5M/16.4FtAre you looking to add a more romantic atmosphere to your life? Try SONOFF's new L3 RGB smart LED strip light. In stock € 26,00

Automatic temperature control

Problem: Manually controlling the temperature in your home can be time consuming and energy wasting. In addition, it is annoying to come into a house that is very cold or warm.

Solution: Use the Sonoff TH products to automatically control the temperature in your home based on preset schedules or the current temperature. With the smartphone app or by means of timers you can switch the heating or air conditioning on and off remotely, so that you come home in a pleasant temperature. Even when you are at work or on the road in the car. This way you save energy and you can always keep your home at the ideal temperature.

SONOFF TH Origin Smart Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Switch (TH10/16 Upgrade Version) 16ASONOFF TH Origin (the upgrade version of TH10/TH16) is a smart temperature and humidity monitoring switch with ESP32 chip, it keeps monitoring the temperature and humidity in real time, once In stock € 17,50

Smart security for holiday home

Problem: The owner of a holiday home wants to improve the security of the property when the house is not in use. They want the ability to monitor remotely and check for unwanted visitors.

Solution: The Sonoff Camera is a suitable product for this situation. This smart camera can be easily installed in the holiday home and allows the owner to remotely view REAL -time video images via the eWeLink app on their smartphone. The camera also has motion detection, which notifies the owner when motion is detected in the home.

SONOFF CAM Slim Wi-Fi Smart Security CameraLooking for a smart home security camera that offers a clear and secure view of your home day and night? Look no further than the SONOFF CAM Slim Wi-Fi Smart Security Camera. In stock € 31,70

Automate coffee machine

Problem: A user wants to wake up in the morning with freshly brewed coffee, but is not tech-savvy and does not want complicated solutions.

Solution: By placing the Sonoff S26 socket between the coffee machine and the wall socket, the user can easily set a schedule via the eWeLink app. The coffee maker switches on automatically at the desired time, so that the user wakes up with freshly brewed coffee without any technical obstacles.

Sonoff S26 Smart Socket - WiFi Socket with EU Plug (F) - Safety earthWith this Sonoff S26 Smart socket, every device becomes an IOT (internet of things) device that can be switched on and off anywhere in the world by means of the telephone. Home automation has never been easier! In stock € 12,00

Control bedroom appliances

Problem: A user wants to control multiple electronic devices in their bedroom, such as a humidifier, fan, and night light, with a single switch.

Solution: The Sonoff Wi-Fi wall switches with three channels make it possible to control multiple devices at the same time. Users can set up scenes, such as a "sleep mode", which automatically turns all devices on or off at the same time. In addition, they can control their devices with voice commands through compatible voice assistants.

Sonoff T3 Wall switch - T3EU3C - WiFi + RF - BlackElevate your smart home with the Sonoff T3EU3C-TX Wi-Fi Wall-mount Switch in black - a sleek, versatile solution for effortless control over lighting & appliances. Experience convenience & style today! In stock € 34,65

The Final Word: Sonoff Smart Switches and the Future of Your Home

And so we have come to the end of our adventurous journey through Sonoff's smart universe. We've explored the wonderful world of smart switches and found out how these little technological marvels can make your life easier, more comfortable and even safer.

So, which Sonoff switch is the perfect match for you? Is it the no-frills Basic, the small but powerful Mini, or perhaps the advanced and refined Pro? The answer is in your own hands. Or rather, in the palm of your hand, on the screen of your smartphone. Because with Sonoff and the eWeLink app, you're the one in control.

But be warned: once you enter the wonderful world of Sonoff, there's no going back. You'll soon find that your entire home just got a whole lot smarter, and who knows, maybe even a little wiser. So go ahead, take the plunge and add a touch of tech to your daily routine with Sonoff's smart switches.

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In general they work well, the ideal would be for the bridge that works with RF433 frequency to recognize other commands to be able to manage everything from the same application and not resort to other brands that do.
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You are really good at discussing Sonoff plugs and switches. Recently I have decided to buy smart plugs. But there are many smart plugs there, I can't make a proper decision. Please guide me which safe and long lasting product.
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We have a type C/F socket available from Sonoff, which might be compatible with Danish power sockets: Also for type E sockets we have an option available: Type K sockets are not supported by Sonoff yet.
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