Electric solenoid door lock 12VDC

Electric solenoid door lock 12VDC
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This beautiful door lock operates on a voltage of 12V and keeps the door closed as long as there is voltage on the lock. When the voltage is removed (for example due to a power failure), the lock opens automatically, so that no one gets trapped. By means of the supplied metal panel both sides of the lock (the door and the frame) can be reinforced for a secure closing.

The lock has an adjustable delay of 0, 3 and 6 seconds and a start-up current of only 120mA. When the lock is switched on, it only uses 80 mA.

To use the lock, only the red and black wires need to be connected to a 12V power supply. Here it is important that the supplied plate is against the lock (with a distance of 2 to 6 mm), so that the lock can detect that the door is 'closed'.


Current 0,12 A
Spanning 12 V - 12 V


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