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Dupont wire kit 310 delig

Dupont wire kit 310 delig
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A kit with Dupont terminals for making jumper cables. The headers and pins are suitable for a wire thickness of 18 to 26AWG and are neatly packed in a plastic box.

The set contains
30x 1x1p
20x 1x2p
20x 1x3p
10x 1x4p
10x 1x5p
10x 1x6p
10x 1x8p
100x Male Crimp Pins
100x Female Crimp Pins
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Question and answer

Q The Netherlands Laurens MathotWhat is the maximum insulation thickness of the wire? I see "18 to 26AWG" here, but the 22AWG wires from https: // Opencircuit .nl / Product / 22AWG-Hook-up-Wire-Kit are hardly or not at all in the housings. Answer this question


The Netherlands
3 stars
It is possible to make connections Different enclosures give you options to experiment. Does not work with SN-28B crimping tool Too few single housings, too many wide ones.
I used this kit in conjunction with the 22AWG Plusivo hookup wire kit (item 56089). I finally managed to make a few connections, but I wouldn't want to use this kind anymore in the future. The connectors mainly use a connection to the insulation of the wire; the connection to the wire itself is quickly too weak at 22AWG. Unfortunately, the clamping pieces of metal sit next to each other - not directly opposite each other - so the insulation is easily pushed in one direction. So with too little force the wire will not fit into the case because the metal gets in the way, and with too much force the wire won't fit into the case because the insulation is pushed aside. As a result, it is more fiddly than you would like to connect to this. That is why I would recommend using small long nose pliers instead of crimping pliers like the SN-28B. The female crimps are quite difficult to achieve because you cannot pull the connection through the housing, so you have to be much more precise.
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The Netherlands
5 stars
You need a bit of skill for this. Is mirrors :-)
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The Netherlands
5 stars
Indispensable in every hobby lab
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The Netherlands
5 stars
Neat set
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