Double Sided Prototyping PCB 8x12cm - 2 pieces

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A very handy prototyping PCB of 8x12cm which is fully plated at both sides. The print has 30 x 42 holes with 28 pads on both sides (not electrically connected). The thickness of the PCB is 1.2mm.
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Material Optical fiber
Borehole diameter 1mm
Distance holes 2,54 mm
Islets 1350


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The Netherlands
5 stars
Easy to use and looks good. Not expensive. Quality good, although I sometimes push one through, but with careful use that does not happen.
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The Netherlands
5 stars
Because these printed circuit boards are double-sided, they work very well as an extension to, for example, an Arduino
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The Netherlands
5 stars
Nice quality experiment print, and certainly not expensive!
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