CNC Shield v4 Arduino Nano

CNC Shield v4 Arduino Nano
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The CNC Shield v4 is made for the control of 3D printers, milling and engraving machines. This version of the shield has 1 motor driver less than its predecessor, but is more compact and has room for an Arduino Nano. This board has 3 sockets for the installation of stepper motor drivers such as the A4988. Only 2 channels per motor are required to control this motor. There is also a connection for 2 end-stop switches per motor.

- GRBL compatible
- 3 connections, XYZ
- 2 end stops per axle (6 in total)
- Spindle on / off and direction
- Adjustable for Micro-Stepping with jumpers (not included)
- 12-36V DC. (The motor driver must be able to handle this, note this during installation)
- Delivered without stepper drivers


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The Netherlands
1 stars
Board is designed incorrectly for GRBL (just google it). The M1 M2 and M3 hang on the GND instead of + 5V and the step and dir pins are reversed. Out of the box the board does not work with GRBL and you will have to modify it. My tip: just buy the version 3 shield with uno.
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The Netherlands
5 stars
Perfect, together with the arduino nano it is a very compact solution.
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