Aluminum 2WD TT Robot/Motor Chassis - Purple

Aluminum 2WD TT Robot/Motor Chassis - Purple
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I like the purple color:) It matches Maker UNO. This Aluminum Chassis in Blinka purple makes for an excellent robot body. It's a single piece of bent 2mm thick aluminum, with a variety of holes, slots and cutouts for mounting boards, sensors, and servos. The sides are notched to fit two DC Gear 'TT' motors perfectly - There are four M3 and nuts are included for mounting the motors. In the front you can screw on a ball caster. You can build a very sturdy (and quite handsome!) little robot rover with this metal frame.
Packing List
   Of course, 1 x purple color chassis
   2 x DC Gearbox "TT" Motors (Yellow color)
   2 x "TT" Wheels (White Rim with Black Tyres, 66mm diameter, 15mm thickness)
   1 x Metal ball caster (metal ball, plastic holder)
   4 x M3, 25mm bolt + nut (Mount "TT" to chasis)
   2 x M3, 6mm bolt + nut (Mount caster to chasis, nut is not needed though )
   2 x 15mm self taping screw (secure wheel to "TT" motor shaft)

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