AVR Programmer USB / USBASP clone

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AVR Programmer USB / USBASP clone
  • AVR Programmer USB / USBASP
  • AVR Programmer USB / USBASP
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A USB programmer for avr (atmega / arduino) chips with an atmega8 on board. Works great to program the modules without built-in USB.
  • With indication LEDs
  • On-board overcurrent protection
  • Operates on 3.3V / 5V
  • Including 10 pin band cable

Compatible with:
ATTiny12 (L), ATTiny13 (V), ATTiny15 (L), ATTiny24 (V), ATTiny25 (V), ATTiny26 (L),
ATTiny2313 (V), ATTiny44 (V), ATTiny45 (V), ATTiny84 (V), ATTiny85 (V), AT90S2313 (L),
AT90S2323 (L), AT90S2343 (L), AT90S1200 (L), AT90S8515 (L), AT90S8535 (L), ATMEGA48 (V),
ATMEGA8 (L), ATMEGA88 (V), ATMEGA8515 (L), ATMEGA8535 (L), ATMEGA16 (L), ATMEGA162 (V),
ATMEGA163 (L), ATMEGA164 (V), ATMEGA165 (V), ATMEGA168 (V), ATMEGA169 (V), ATMEGA169P (V),
ATMEGA32 (L), ATMEGA324 (V), ATMEGA325 (V), ATMEGA3250 (V), ATMEGA329 (V), ATMEGA328 (V), ATMEGA3290 (V),
ATMEGA64 (L), ATMEGA640 (V), ATMEGA644 (V), ATMEGA645 (V), ATMEGA6450 (V), ATMEGA649 (V),
ATMEGA6490 (V), ATMEGA128 (L), ATMEGA1280 (V), ATMEGA1281 (V), ATMEGA2560 (V), ATMEGA2561 (V),
AT90CAN32, AT90CAN64, AT90CAN128, AT90PWM2 (B), AT90PWM3 (B), etc.

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Fast deliveryGewoon goed, dat zegt alles
Functions perfectly
Placed on 
The Netherlands
Gewoon goed, dat zegt alles
Top. Ordered Friday evening 23:00, delivered Saturday morning 10:00!
Placed on 
The Netherlands
Device does not work. Tried everything. Driver is installed correctly. but AVRDude or Atmel Studio 7 cannot contact the programmer.
Placed on 
The Netherlands
Installing drivers on Windows 10 is a hassle. Eventually I used a program called "zadig" for this, the programmer also likes it.
Placed on 
The Netherlands
Such a handy thing. Helps me through all my Arduino and AtTiny experiments.
Placed on 
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