For companies and educational institutions it is possible to pay on invoice and place purchase orders. You can send the order form by email to .... It is also possible that we convert your account to a business account with which you can order on account via the regular way on our website. Take for this Contact us. When you place an order via a business account on our website, administration costs are never added. When placing an order via a business account, you can also enter an internal reference number of your company or organization, which will be shown on the invoice.

Purchase receipts

In addition to the standard way of ordering via our website, we can also manually process purchase orders for companies. You can send the purchase order or purchase order by email to .... Take into account a possible delay of 1 to 2 working days due to manual processing. Payment for this will be on account by default unless another payment method is preferred. For purchase orders of which the subtotal falls below the value of 20 euros, an administration fee of 10 euros may be charged.

Intra-Community supply

Companies located within the EU and outside the Netherlands can order on the basis of intra-Community delivery (VAT reverse charge). For this it is necessary that the company data can be validated by the European VAT register. If you wish to make use of this, you can tick 'VAT reverse charge' during the checkout after entering the VAT number. If this option is not shown, please Contact us before paying, we will then adjust your order / account.