LED Brightness Adjuster Kit

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LED Brightness Adjuster Kit

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The LED Brightness Adjuster Kit from Sparkfun is a must-have tool for any hobbyist or professional who frequently works with LEDs. It's an innovative solution for the common problem of inconsistent LED brightness. This kit allows you to test and adjust the brightness of your LEDs, ensuring that they all shine with the same intensity. The adjuster is compatible with different sizes of LEDs, both SMD and through-hole, providing you with flexibility and convenience.

The LED Brightness Adjuster Kit is designed to fit into the power rails of a breadboard, allowing you to stack up to 10 boards next to each other. Each board can accommodate one LED. A 10k linear potentiometer is included for adjusting the LED brightness, and a 100 Ohm resistor is in series to protect the LED from burning out. Silkscreen labels around the potentiometer indicate the approximate resistance, and there are test points "R+" and "R-" for measuring the exact resistance with a DMM.

The kit includes the PCB, a potentiometer, a 100 Ohm resistor, and headers for connecting into a breadboard. However, LEDs are not included, as the idea is to test your own. The kit does not come pre-assembled, so you'll need to use a soldering iron. This makes it a great learning tool for anyone starting to learn electronics, providing a hands-on introduction to soldering and Ohm's Law.

Please note that this is an experimental product from Sparkfun's SparkX line. These products are rapidly produced to bring you the most cutting-edge technology as it becomes available. They are tested but come with no guarantees, and live technical support is not available. For support or to ask a question, please head over to the Sparkfun forum.

The LED Brightness Adjuster Kit includes:- 1x LED Brightness Adjuster PCB- 1x 10k Blue Trimpot- 1x 100 Ohm Axial Resistor- 2x 5-pin Male Headers

Relevant documents for the LED Brightness Adjuster Kit include:- Schematic- Eagle Files- Dimensions- GitHub Hardware Repo


Brand information
Brand Sparkfun
More infoGitHub - sparkfunX/LED_Brightness_Adjuster: A simple board for establishing the resistance needed to keep super bright LEDs from being too harsh.
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Length40 mm
Width93 mm
Height15 mm
Weight11 g
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