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Write an informative article about a product from our range or a fun / inspiring / educational project and receive up to € 20 in shopping credit!

The rules
  • Articles can be placed in Dutch and English.
  • Plagiarism is not allowed, the articles must really be written yourself!
  • We review the article before it is posted online and reserve the right to edit, change or reject it.
  • The guideline below is used to assess the value of an article, if you do not agree with the value we estimate, we will give you the opportunity to further complete or withdraw the item. The quality of the written text and images also weighs in the assessment.
  • As soon as the shop credit has been paid out, we are the owner of the item and no further rights can be derived from this or adjustments can be made.
  • The payment of the shop credit is done by issuing a gift card, these are only valid in our web store and cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • The article is shown on the product pages of the related products, the homepage, the footer and the article overview.
  • With the article, if desired, your name, avatar, slogan and link to your website will be displayed.

Directive payout
  • € 5 Short description about a product with sample code and connection diagram.
  • € 10 Extensive description about a product and underlying operation with sample code and connection diagram or a short manual for a project.
  • € 20 Extensive manual for creating a project.

My articles

You can write an article from the account overview. When the article is finished, it can be offered for approval by clicking on 'Publish'.