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The Netherlands 1 stars Opencircuit
Do not receive order confirmation.
Long waiting time OpencircuitThank you for your rating! As we discussed via Facebook, our emails are in your spam folder. Placed on
The Netherlands 1 stars Opencircuit No delivery, no product, not reachable by telephone. OpencircuitThanks for your feedback. Sometimes we are indeed less accessible by phone due to crowds. We almost always have our Live chat active, we respond directly to emails and we are also available on Facebook for questions. I suggest you contact us with your order details so that I can see why the order has not yet been delivered. Thanks in advance. Placed on
The Netherlands 1 stars Opencircuit No delivery OpencircuitThank you for your review. We have contacted PostNL about your order, you will hear from us as soon as we know more. We apologize that the delivery has not arrived yet. Placed on
The Netherlands 1 stars Opencircuit Very slow shipping. Ordered Thursday afternoon and only delivered on Tuesday OpencircuitThanks for your feedback! I see that your order was sent on the same day but was indeed delivered a few days late by postnl. Perhaps they had a delay, we apologize for this. If there are any further questions or comments, we are happy to help. Placed on
The Netherlands 1 stars Opencircuit Ordered well in time before 11:59 PM. Not delivered the next day. Placed on
The Netherlands 1 stars Opencircuit I called several times to ask a question No answering I would like to receive a mounting schedule from the Remote Control Placed on
The Netherlands 1 stars Opencircuit Even if you pay attention to the fact that during the ordering process the check marks for e-mails are switched off, you will still not receive order-related mail, in this case an assessment charm mail Placed on
Belgium 1 stars Opencircuit The product is still NOT delivered thanks to badly organized Bpost but that seems to be already known given online responses about package service BPOST. We are waiting Placed on
The Netherlands 1 stars Opencircuit Worthless, I would never order here again. I had ordered 20 RGB LEDs but only 19 were delivered. As a courtesy, I would get the missing LED with a next order. That next order will of course never come, worthless ... Placed on