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WIFI D1 MINI ESP8266 dev. board, USB CP2104

WIFI D1 MINI ESP8266 dev. board, USB CP2104
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The WiFi D1 mini PRO is an integrated ESP8266-based WiFi-enabled microprocessor unit equipped with 32Mb (megabits) of flash memory. It is pin-compatible with the WeMos D1 mini / mini PRO boards. WiFi D1 mini PRO comes with an embedded CERAMIC WiFi antenna on-board, and has a connector for an optional external antenna. The input power can vary from 4 to 9V DC (supplied to the «5V» pin). We recommend to supply exactly 5V in case of using external shields requiring 5V operation. The unit can also be powered directly from the USB port. Alternatively, you can power the WiFi D1 mini PRO from a stabilized 3.3V source by connecting it to the «3.3V» pin on the PCB. PC communication is done via CP2104 (USB-TTL). Corresponding driver may need to be installed on your system. In order to use WiFi D1 mini PRO with an Arduino IDE, please use the ESP8266 library.

The set includes: WiFi D1 mini PRO — 1pc Male Pin Header 1×8pins — 2pcs Female Pin Header — BLACK 1×8pins — 2pcs Stackable Header — 2pcs BLACK 1×8pins
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The Netherlands
3 stars
Powerful Low price Lots of good software available External antenna significantly extends range Poor quality antenna connection, breaks off when removing antenna. Connection external antenna is only suitable for one-time use
Nice ESP for the money. Had to use a lot of force to connect the external antenna, with the result that the connection on the PCB broke the moment I had to disconnect the antenna again for final mounting in the housing. Waste of money. Still works, but the extra range for WiFi is now gone.
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The Netherlands
4 stars
Good thing. Unfortunately on the broad broad side.
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The Netherlands
5 stars
Easy stuff especially with espeasy
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The Netherlands
4 stars
Instead of the Pro got a normal mini. Now programming
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