Pir motion detector ø28mm - build in

Pir motion detector ø28mm - build in
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The PIR40 is a new, sensitive detector with an energy-saving switch, integrated circuit and SMT technology. It is a combination of automatic, convenient, safe, energy-saving and practical functions. The wide detection field is formed by fields from top and bottom, left and right together. The PIR detector responds to human infrared radiation. When a movement is registered within the detection field, the connected load (eg lamp) and the automatic day and night function are activated immediately. Can be used with different lamps and lanterns.

    With automatic day / night identification
    Adjustable light control, time and sensitivity
    For indoor installation & use
    Switch type: relay
        Angle: 360 °
        Range: max. 8 m
        Speed: 0.6 - 1.5 m / s
    Operating time: adjustable from 8 s (± 2 s) to 6 min (± 2 min)
    Working temperature: -10 ° C to +40 ° C
    Humidity: <93% RH
    Sensitivity: <10 - 2000 lx (adjustable)
    Max. load: 300 W max. (tungsten) / 100 W (fluorescent)
    Power supply: 220 - 240 VAC / 50 Hz
    Consumption: 0.45 W (active) / 0.1 W (standby)
    Installation height: 2.5 - 3.5 m
        Visible part: Ø 50 x 17 mm
        Built-in area: Ø 40 x 40 mm
        PIR sensor: Ø 28 mm
    Weight: ± 48 g


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