Micro:bit wear:it Kit

Micro:bit wear:it Kit
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Build it, code it, wear it! Power your first foray into wearable tech with this exciting kit that includes everything you need to get started with your first project. The versatile micro:bit enclosure is specially designed to suit mobile applications and can be used with a wrist strap, keyring or lanyard.

The BBC micro: bit is a small computer that you can program, adjust and operate to combine your digital ideas, games and apps with the real world.

It is only 4 cm by 5 cm and designed to be fun and easy to use. You can create anything such as games, animations and stories at school, at home and on the road! All you need is imagination and creativity to make your ideas come to life.

The BBC micro: bit is fully programmable. This means that each LED can be programmed individually, just like its buttons, inputs and outputs, accelerometer, magnetometer and Bluetooth.

  • Microprocessor: 32-bit ARM® Cortex ™ M0 CPU
  • A 5x5 LED matrix with 25 red LEDs to display moving patterns, scrolling text and letters and numbers
  • Two programmable buttons. Use them as a game controller, or to play music on a smart phone
  • On-board motion detector, or 3-axis digital accelerometer which can detect movement such as shaking, tilting or falling
  • A built-in compass, 3D magnetometer to sense direction and to detect various metals and magnets
  • Bluetooth® Smart Technology. Connect the micro: bit to other micro: bits, devices, phones, tablets, cameras etc.
  • 5x Ring Input and Output (I / O) including power (PWR), ground (GRD) and 3x I / O to be able to read values ​​from sensors or to control things such as motors or robots
  • 20 pin edge connector: Allows the micro: bit to be connected to other devices such as the Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Galileo and Kano via a standard connector
  • Micro-USB controller: This is controlled via a separate processor and ensures that a computer sees the micro: bit as a memory card
  • System LED x 1 yellow
  • System push button switch x 1


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