Keweisi USB multimeter and powerbank tester

Keweisi USB multimeter and powerbank tester
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This USB tester is very handy and easy to use. Connect the tester between the USB port and the device and the display will immediately show the current, voltage and charging time. The OLED display has a very sharp display and can be read from a distance. By means of the internal memory, the last measured value is also remembered when the power goes out.

This USB tester is not good at measuring low currents, which can result in a larger deviation in the measured values.

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3 stars
Works well to measure charging currents from smartphone or power bank but does not work to measure the current of an Arduino or Raspberry Pi.
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The Netherlands
5 stars
Fun thing to test (solar) power banks with, indicates voltage and current (3A) plus mAh so you know how much goes in or comes out.
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