Grove - I2C Color Sensor V2

Grove - I2C Color Sensor V2
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This is an updated version of the Grove - I2C Color Sensor module. The new version is based on the color sensor TCS34725FN with digital output I2C. We also changed the circuit's layout based on the new sensor. Based on the 3*4 array of filtered photodiodes and 16-bits analog-to-digital converters, you can gain the color chromaticity of ambient light or the color of objects. Of the 16 photodiodes, 4 have red filters, 4 have green filters, 4 have blue filters and 4 have no filter(clear). With the synchronization input pin, external pulsed light source can provides precise synchronous conversion control.

   Grove compatible interface
   16-Bit digital output with I 2C at 400 kHz
   SYNC Input Synchronizes Integration Cycle to Modulated Light Sources
   Programmable interrupt function with User-Defined Upper and lower threshold settings
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Q Belgium Christophe baeyensWith the V2 version you can control the LED from the Arduino (without using the switch) Answer this question


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