Adafruit Ethernet FeatherWing

Adafruit Ethernet FeatherWing
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Wireless is wonderful, but sometimes you want the strong reliability of a wire. If your Feather board is going to be part of a permanent installation, this Ethernet FeatherWing will let you add quick and easy wired Internet. Just plug in a standard ethernet cable, and run the Ethernet2 library for cross-platform networking. Works with all/any of our Feather boards!   Ethernet is a tried-and-true networking standard. It's supported by every hub and switch, and because there's a physical connection you don't have to noodle around with SSIDs, passwords, authentication schemes or antennas. It works great with any of our Feathers, the WIZ5500 chip communicates over SPI plus a single CS pin. The Arduino Ethernet2 library works great, and within a few seconds after connecting, will do the DHCP setup for you. As a nice extra, the RJ-45 jack has both link and activity lights that will light/blink to let you know the current connection status.   This Wing does not support active Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), but you can easily hook up a passive PoE configuration with a passive injector, a 5V power adapter, and a 2.1mm to MicroUSB cable. See the tutorial page for more details   Each order comes with one assembled and tested FeatherWing, plus some header. You will need to solder in the header yourself but its a quick task. Check out our tutorial for code, schematics, files and more!   //

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