AJ-SR04M ultrasonic sensor waterproof v2.0

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AJ-SR04M ultrasonic sensor waterproof v2.0


The AJ-SR04M ultrasonic sensor waterproof v2.0 is a high-performance ultrasonic sensor that delivers advanced features for accurate distance measurement. It is an upgrade from the previous version with improved precision and waterproof housing, making it perfect for use in various tough environments.

One of the standout features of the AJ-SR04M ultrasonic sensor is its advanced transducers that deliver precise and accurate distance measurement with minimal interference. This feature is particularly important when working on automation projects where accuracy is key. The sensor also features a waterproof housing that allows it to perform exceptionally well in wet or outdoor conditions.

This ultrasonic sensor is versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications. It is perfect for use in robotics, automation, and security systems. The sensor is also ideal for measuring the distance between two objects in a range of environments. Its rugged construction means it can withstand rough handling and is built to last.

Another feature that makes the AJ-SR04M ultrasonic sensor waterproof v2.0 a top-performing sensor is its ease of use. The sensor can be easily connected to any microcontroller or Arduino board, making it simple to integrate into your project. It also has a long sensing range, up to 4.5 meters, allowing for a wide range of applications.


Brand information
Brand Opencircuit house brand
Measuring range 4 to 5 meters
Connection data
Voltage 3 V - 5,5 V
Current 8 mA
Frequency 40 Hz
Detection angle 50 °
Size info
Length28 mm
Width42 mm
Height12 mm
Weight50 g
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Q United States MahdiCan I use it in a submarine (30m undrwater)? Answer this question
Q Poland JakubHow to switch it to serial mode to use rx and tx pins? Answer this question
Q Canada SeanCan you confirm the chip is the SR04M (any version variant). Should be a dumb question but have received variations of the SR04T from other suppliers. I haven't been able to get the SR04T chip to work in my application but the SR04M consistently functions fine. I've struggled to determine the reason why as the actual sensors seem interchangeable though the chips aren't. This problem was very frustrating to troubleshoot and ultimately wasn't fixable with my abilities. I'd like to ensure the chip to be consistent if I go with this you for supply. View 1 answer   |   Answer this question
Q Belgium HermanCan this be used in the same way with the TX and RX pin connected as the hc04 can Answer this question
Q Belgium Eric DirixDoes the board also work on 3V? View 1 answer   |   Answer this question
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